Zen Pedi

Zen Pedi

Zen PediThe Zen Pedi soothes both mind and body infusing nails and skin with deep moisture. The pedi will bring energy to your senses with a lemongrass scent. We are so excited to offer this amazing pedicure here at Serenity Salon! The Zen Pedi is one of our most complete and rejuvenating pedicures. For the entire month of March, Serenity Salon will be offering this pedicure for the crazy low price of $45.00! You’ll also receive a delicious Cherry Coke while having your feet pampered. Why is the Zen Pedi so special? This pedicure utilizes a 6-step approach to having unbelievably soft and healthy feet.

We start with a refreshing spray which is both exhilarating and refreshing. The spray is a blend of natural botanicals and menthol which combine to instantly stimulate and revive tired, aching feet. We’ll spray a light mist before your service to create a calming environment for your Zen Spa experience. Enjoy this refreshing lemongrass scent and bring fresh energy to your senses.

Your tired feet are then Awakened using revitalizing foot soak crystals. A soothing crystal foot bath cleanses and helps eliminate toxins from the body while erasing stress. Natural extracts soften and condition your skin.

With your feet, body and mind relaxed, we then work to restore your cuticles and remove callouses. High PH combined with Urea help to breakdown and smooth even the toughest of callouses! Protective aloe vera will calm your sensitive skin. This restoring step will melt away callouses and unwanted cuticle buildup. Our restorative process will also help prevent future hangnails.

Once we’ve finished the restoration, we then work to revive. This is done with a Microdermabrasion foot scrub. Exfoliating is done by using finely ground volcanic pumice powder from the Mediterranean sea. This step effectively removes dry and dead skin cells. We’ll restore a healthy vibrant glow to your skin’s surface. This natural mineral blend will rejuvenate, condition, and maintain moisture levels.

As if this couldn’t get any better, you’re then taken to the next step – Heaven! A silkening foot lotion is applied to your reenergized feet. The lotion is a lightweight, velvety blend of sunflower and coconut oils which is easily absorbed. The application locks in moisture, leaving skin silky soft with no slippery after-feel.

We then finalize the pedi using an intense hydrating heel repair creme. The cream is an intensive, ultra-hydrating complex of vitamin E , Aloe Vera, and Shea butter. Your skin is drenched in moisture to rejuvenate dry, cracked heels. Safflower oil is used to maintain moisture levels, giving your skin a healthy glow.

We hope you’ll stop by Serenity today and try our amazing new pedicure, the Zen Pedi. We know your feet will thank us!


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