Spice up your look for Fall

Spice up your look for Fall

spice up your look for fallSpice up your look for Fall with a splash of amazing color! Tired of the same old look? Ready to dazzle your friends with an updated color for your hair? Serenity Salon has a couple of great suggestions for your hair, Babylights or a Balayage.

Babylights are all the rage, giving your hair new dimensions while retaining the same overall look. Babylights are a microwaved highlight which adds color dimensions to your existing color, creating a more natural look. Babylights give our stylists a wide range of flexibility in how we can manipulate your hair color by either adding blonde or darker highlights depending on your hair type. Not only can we add just the right amount of light or darkness to your hair, by using the dimensional qualities that Bayblights offer, we can also frame your face in multiple ways. Babylights come in partial or full applications. Partial applications start at $71 and Full applications start at $86.

Another great suggestion is Balayage, which means to “sweep or paint”. A Balayage is another form of adding dimension to your hair. The process gives you more of a sun-kissed, natural look. We generally like to use colors which compliment your skin tones. It grows out beautifully and will give your hair a darker or lighter effect depending on what color we apply. You can use this to add blondes or even red tones which end up with a caramel tone effect. We apply the Balayage on the surface of your hair, there are no foils used. A Balayage requires little maintenance, you just need to protect the color as you would any other color job with a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for colored hair. A Balayage’s price starts at $125.00.

Fall is here. Whether you want to look your best for school or work, or you’re just tired of the same old look, Serenity can help. Don’t wait to make an appointment. We are open 7 days a week for your convenience. You can reach us at 303-431-5600 or schedule your appointment online.

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