Shellac and Vinylux Manicures

shellac and vinylux

If you are looking to give your nails a fresh and beautiful makeover, Serenity Salon offers Shellac and Vinylux manicures. Regardless of which procedure you choose, you’ll find your nails will look salon-quality all week long! As there are differences between Shellac and Vinylux, we thought it would be a good idea to explain what those are.

Shellac is an easy-on polish that provides up to 14 days of high gloss shine. Yes, you heard that right – a full two weeks of great looking nails! A great benefit in choosing Shellac is there is ZERO dry time and you’ll be out of the salon right after the polish has been applied. As your nails will be 100% dry immediately after the application, you’ll encounter no smudging! You’ll get your pick of a variety of beautiful colors. Serenity’s Shellac Manicures include a nourishing soak off, with an express manicure and a wonderful polish.

Vinylux is the hybrid between Shellac and regular polish. It is a weekly polishing system that has a self-adhering color coat. It is completely dry in 8 minutes, and lasts for about 5-7 days. The best part about this polish is it does not need to be soaked off, as it comes off with regular polish remover. Over 80% off clients report no chipping after 7 days! It is a perfect polish for those “pickers” who don’t come in to get their polish soaked off, as you can just remove it on your own. With over 30 colors to choose from, you’re bound to find just the right color to compliment your look.

You can’t go wrong choosing either Shellac and Vinylux. Both will make your nails grow stronger and give you that shiny salon look. You can stop by Serenity Salon today as walk-in’s are always welcome, or pre-book with one of our fabulous techs!