Red Heads have More Fun!

The old adage, “blondes have more fun” no longer applies to the elite of Hollywood. This season the new adage should be, “Red is the new Blonde”! Almost daily here at Serenity Salon we are asked our opinion on “going red”. It seems the new trend in Hollywood is to be a glamorous Redhead. Some of the hottest stars are remaking their locks to a Ginger-esque style. From Blake Lively becoming a beautiful blush auburn to Scarlet Johansson with her fiery red locks, everyone that is anyone is giving Red hair color a try. Even celebrities that are naturally blonde are finding that being a redhead can not only enhance your appearance, but also deliver a shot of confidence. As we move closer to fall, the reddish hue is making a splash. Nothing says fall more than beautiful red heads!

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