Pureology Cleansing Conditioners

Pureology Cleansing Conditioners

Pureology has outdone itself once again with their line of Pureology Cleansing Conditioners. The conditioners, which are specifically designed for color treated hair, offer restorative care as well as gentle shampoo-free cleansing in one-step. One step means these formulas gently cleanse and moisturize hair at the same time. While these cleansers shouldn’t completely replace your shampoo, they do allow you to give your shampoo a break! The cleansers work similar to a shampoo by giving your hair and scalp a clean feeling without the harsh sulfates and detergents you’d typically expect. Who is best suited for this fabulous one step care? All color treated hair types, super porous hair (double processed or chemically treated), dry/unmanageable hair that needs extra conditioning and anyone with sensitive dry itchy scalps. This product is also a preferred option for those wanting a squeaky-clean look while also having a bouncy “second day” appearance.

There are several reasons why Serenity loves these new cleansers:

* These products offer a gentle method for cleansing your hair. Pureology Cleansing Conditioners are not a typical shampoo that will rough up the hair cuticles. Instead these products leave the hair strands intact, smooth and stress free.

* The cleansers fight fading. A healthy cuticle will assist in preventing color molecules from escaping which means your hair color will stay longer.

* Low lather formula doesn’t strip away your natural oils. This means your hair ends won’t end up too wispy. Your hair will have that second day appearance with no build up or residue!

* You don’t have to give up your favorite products. Replace your regular shampoo and conditioner 1 or 2 times a week with your favorite Cleansing Conditioner and then style as usual!

* This product is great for all hair types, including fine, thick, curly, but especially for color treated!

* This product is super to easy use, just apply a generous amount to wet hair (3-7 pumps) and leave in 2-3 minutes. It will gently lift off dirt and impurities with a minimal lather. Don’t worry about not having a lot of lather – its working!

If you want your hair to retain its color and have a shiny, smooth appearance, we suggest you try Pureology Cleansing Conditioners. Our salon always recommends checking with your stylist first before deciding on which products will be best for your hair type and style. You can contact any of our skilled stylists at Serenity Salon daily at 303-431-5600 to assist you with making the right choice.



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