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Serenity Pedicures

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What Is Our Pedi?


  • Relaxing!
  • Refreshing
  • Beautiful Cuticles
  • Paraffin Bath
  • Complimentary Drink!


Price Range


Starts at:$57


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This pedicure with the serenity experience is sure to relax, refresh, and beautify. Begin with a warm soak bath on our custom pedicure bench. Your toe nails will be trimmed and or shaped and cuticles maintained. Your heels will be scrubbed with 2 different exfoliations one targeted especially for dry or cracked calluses, and all of that followed by a gentle sugar scrub for the calf and leg. Your feet will then take a dip in extreme hydration with warm paraffin. This pedicure includes a sensuous 10 minute massage, warm towels and a beautiful polish job of your choice. Don’t forget complimentary wine beer soda coffee or tea with your visit. This service starts at $50 and if you’re looking to maintain that polish job a little longer inquire about shellac!


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