Kerastase Chronologiste

Kerastase Chronologiste

kerastase chronologisteKerastase Chronologiste is a total scalp and hair ritual that works to remove the visible effects of aging. Chronologiste in-salon treatment is unique, using a mimetic caviar concentrate which provides deep nourishing to both rejuvenate and revitalize your hair. Our in-salon treatment is one of the finest restorative treatments available today and perfect for all hair types. Abyssine, a special molecule harvested from the depths of the oceans is also used in this ground breaking formula. The result is incredibly soft, supple and shiny hair which is deeply nourished and strengthened . Your scalp will feel completely regenerated, soothed and hydrated. This in-salon treatment is really a “facial” for your hair and scalp! If you add this service to your haircut, you can expect an additional half-hour during which time your stylist will combine pearls and creme Chronolgiste right in front of you and then apply. Our in-salon treatment is $65. You can call us 303-431-5600 or book an appointment online.

In addition to our in-salon treatment, we also sell Chronologiste products designed to keep your hair healthy, shiny and radiant. These include:

* Bain Chronologist: Revitalizing shampoo for all hair types.
* Creme Chronologist: Revitalizing conditioning balm for all hair types.
* The Gommage: Exfoliating pre-shampoo Scalp treatment for all hair types. This pre shampoo was inspired by the skincare industry. It helps detoxify, activate, and stimulate your scalp.

With these at-home applications, you can expect stimulation and purification of your scalp and hair fiber through gentle exfoliation. Consistent use of these products will deliver total scalp and hair revitalization with lightweight results. For more information on these fabulous in-salon treatments and superior at-home products, please talk to any of our highly trained stylists.


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