Hair Styling Tips

hair styling tipsHere’s a couple of great hair styling tips from Serenity Salon.

One of the most overlooked hair styling tips is brushing. Beyond detangling – brushing helps evenly distribute your natural oils throughout the entire length of your hair. Brushing your hair twice a day on a regular basis will foster mirco-circulation, relaxing your scalp. It will also remove unwanted impurities your hair collects. However, it’s important you do it correctly. When it comes to brushing hair, many of us are our own worst enemy. In using bad technique, we can end up damaging our hair more than helping it! Never start at the top of your head and brush down. Elongated strokes that start from the top put more strain on already tangled hair. You will actually cause more breakage. Yes, you’ll eventually get your tangles out, but in process you’re likely to cause significant damage. Instead – start from the ends and work your way up. Start with the last couple of inches of hair. Once that is detangled, work your way up, only brushing a few inches at a time. Remember, even after you’re hair is relatively tangle free – don’t pull too hard!

Another of our favorite hair styling tips is making sure you are using the right brush for the job. Using the right hairbrush will make a dramatic difference in the health of your hair and how easily you’ll be able to style it. In general, if you have long or thick hair, use a wide, flat brush. If you have short or fine hair – use a thinner brush with gentle bristles. If you have thick or curly hair, be sure to use a brush with thicker bristles as they travel more easily through unruly hair and help prevent tangles. When blowing drying, a big round brush will give you more volume. A flat brush will help create a sleek, finished style. If you follow these simple suggestions – you’ll find your hair will be tangle free, more vibrant and have an increased shine. If you have questions, please contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

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