Eyelash Extensions in Arvada

Eyelash Extensions in Arvada

eyelash extensions in arvadaEyelash extensions in Arvada can be found within the “Lash Loft” here at Serenity Salon. We’ve recently added an amazing new space upstairs to accommodate our growing eyelash services. The Lash Loft provides space away from our salon chairs and Mani/Pedi room. This recent addition gives us a delightful space dedicated solely to lashes! We have room for two in the loft. As each session takes 1 1/2 – 2 hours, it’s nice to have a quiet and serene spot to relax while your extensions are applied.

Serenity has 4 newly certified eyelash extension stylists, Kaley, Alexis, Nikki and Megan A. They have received in-depth eyelash extension training. You can set up an appointment with any of them by calling us at 303-431-5600 or make your appointment online via our booking service. Just select “extensions” and follow the onscreen prompts.

Right now we’re charging just $175.00 for your first full set – including fill! The extensions will last from 2-4 weeks. The eyelash extensions that we use are made by Borboleta Beauty. Not only do they provide some of the finest extensions on the market today, they also provide comprehensive training to all stylists using their product.

The extensions are Faux Mink, lightweight and so much softer than other lashes. We can control the amount of curl, the diameter and the length. This means your eyelash extensions won’t look like extensions! With these amazing extensions – you don’t need to wear mascara. Talk about a time saver!

The Borboleta extensions will give you thicker, longer lashes that will transform your eyelashes and can even reshape your eyes, giving you the exact look you want. We hope you’ll stop by our Lash Loft soon. We know you’ll be completely satisfied.

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