Effortless Hair Styles

Effortless Hair Styles

effortless hair stylesEffortless hair styles are some of our favorite hair techniques. With our busy schedules, we often find ourselves hurrying to get ready. With only a few minutes to spare, what’s a good hairstyle that’s quick and yet still looks cute? Here’s a few of our favorites:

Braids, braids and braids! This year braided hair is the craze and best of all, most braided styles are quick to do once you’ve had a bit of practice. From Fishtails, to Milkmaids to French or multiple braids, there’s a lot of braid styles to choose from. You really can’t go wrong with pretty much any type of braid. They are easy to do in a few minutes and best of all, braids are “in”.

Here’s another quick style – the messy high ponytail or top knot. Talk about effortless! It doesn’t get much easier than than these go-to styles.  Keep your natural texture or add more texture using a texturizing spray by Redken. You literally can have your hair ready and looking good in just a couple of minutes.

Big curls and natural waves, they’re easy – and they look amazing. Use a 1 and a quarter or 1 and half inch curling iron to achieve big curls. Make sure to use heat protectant such as Kerastase Thermique anytime you use an iron. Not only will this protect your hair from potentially damaging heat, you’ll also be enhancing your natural shine.

For those of you that are a bit on the wild side, having an undercut with a design shaved into it, not only looks cool, but also offers a quick hairstyle. Designs such as mandala or tribal print work well. With a design in the undercut, simply toss the rest of your hair up into a pony tail so the design can show. Talk about easy!

With a bit of practice you can quickly get your hair looking amazing in just a few short minutes. All the stylists here at Serenity Salon have extensive experience with quick and easy styling tips. Stop by and pick our brains – we love giving styling advice.

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