Redken Dry Shampoo

We have many clients that refuse to go a day without washing their hair.  Yes, we understand that some people produce lots of oil and can’t help that their hair is oily on the second day after shampooing. However, if you shampoo your hair every day you are causing your scalp to dry out making the scalp and your hormones produce more oil to nourish the dryness. Of course, after a while if you don’t wash it, your hair may look – well, GROSS! But Redken has an answer to that problem. They recently came out with a product called Powder Refresh.  The powder in this spray absorbs the oils, and helps extend the life of your blow-dry. We know when you hear the word “powder” you can’t help but think of a bunch white stuff in your hair. However, this aerosol spray has no color, making it easier to use on all shades of color. Don’t let second-day hair scare you. Pick up your Redken Dry Shampoo Powder Refresh today!

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