Brave the Winter

Brave the Winter

brave the winterBrave the winter with some simple remedies to save your hair this season. Here at Serenity Salon clients often ask us how to save their hair from drying out during these cold and windy months. Here in Colorado we have a very dry climate and during the winter this dryness can be amplified due to harsh winds and lot’s of time spent indoors. But… our amazing stylists came up with some questions/answers to help guide you with your winter hair maintenance strategies. 

Is a protein treatment the answer? 
Your hair is about 91% keratin protein, so it is often essential to replenish it. One of our favorite ways to replenish your hair’s protein is to use Masque Therapiste by Kerastase. This wonderful hair mask can repair damaged and over-processed hair.

Is it time for a treatment? 
Here’s a trick… take a strand of WET hair and gently pull. If it stretches and snaps back into place your hair has enough moisture. BUT – if it stretches a lot then snaps off, it’s time for a treatment.

How often should I get a treatment? 
Getting a protein or deep conditioning treatment should be something that you fit into your regular routine. However, during the colder months, it might be a good idea to get a treatment more frequently. Everybody’s hair is different. If you usually get your hair colored and/or lightened (foiled/balayaged) you’ll notice your hair getting brittle a little easier and faster than if you don’t get any color treatments. I good rule of thumb is to get treatments at least twice during the winter months.

What can I do at home? 
The products that you have at home will make the biggest difference in the condition of your hair. If you use any sort of heat on your hair (blow drying, straightening, and curling) you ALWAYS need to use a heat protectant before you start styling. Some favorites that we carry at Serenity Salon are Iron Shape 11 by Redken, 21 Essential Benefits by Pureology, and any of the three Thermiques by Kerastase (Nectar, Keratine, and Ciment).

Another way to keep your hair healthy between salon visits is to regularly use a masque or leave-in conditioner. Your stylist will know what to recommend for you and what’s best for your hair. Some favorites that we carry at Serenity are the EXTREME MEGAMASK by Redken, Superfood Hydrate or Strength Cure treatment by Pureology, or one of the many Masques that correlate with the different lines of Kerastase. Each line focuses on a specific hair need you might have. It’s always best to consult with a certified stylist before buying/trying any new products.

How can Serenity Salon help? 
Serenity offers many protein and deep conditioning treatments specifically tailored to your hair needs. We have treatments from each line that we carry, Redken, Pureology and Kerastase. Treatments range in price from $10-$35.

Call 303-431-5600 to schedule an a appointment with one of our amazing stylists. During the appointment our stylist will give you a full consultation to make sure all your needs are met. For a limited time, you can use your Reward Points to receive a free Redken HeatCure treatment! This treatment will take off up to a year of heat damage and will leave your hair feeling soft, shiny and moisturized. Please call for more information. We hope to see you soon!

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