Beauty Salon in Arvada Colorado

Beauty Salon in Arvada Colorado

arvada hair stylistsSerenity Salon at Five Parks, a beauty salon in Arvada, Colorado believes in education and training to constantly better our services, and our personal development. The owner of Serenity Salon, Katie Serr, recently attended the Entreleadership Summit Conference in San Diego California held by Dave Ramsey. It was an amazing event with many expert speakers. One of the top speakers, John Maxwell, spoke on the 5 levels of leadership. Dr. Henry Cloud spoke as well on “The Boundaries of Leadership”. Additional speakers such as Patrick Lencioni, Christy Wright, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Chris Hogan, and of Course Dave Ramsey all had great insight on how to be a better leader at work, at home, and with kids.

Serenity‚Äôs growth has been amazing over the past 12 years. We believe our continued success is due in large part to our staff consistently attending leadership workshops. While most salons focus purely on hair related initiatives, Serenity believes that our staff must continue to grow personally, as well as professionally. Attending leadership conferences across the country is one method we use to inspire and motivate our amazing staff. Serenity is not only a salon, but a family. We think it’s important for all our family to be the best they can be, both at work and at home. Taking the time, money, and energy to invest in the leadership of Serenity Salon translates to growth for our stylists, better customer service and the ability to maintain the core values of Serenity Salon.

We wish you all the best!

– Serenity

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